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Info Bells ERP is the most efficient Web based Education Establishment Management Software.

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Key Benefits

Being the Principal / Administrator/ Headmaster of a reputed educational institution such as yours requires you to effectively manage the several departments of the educational Information system.

Financial Gain

Enables you to cut down on human resource requirement by a whopping 90%, which directly translates into a huge saving on salaries, PF, stock and other infra structural requirements.

Get Noticed

Being amongst the first to use this path breaking technology will enhance your Educational Management's image and reputation within the community with parents who are looking for a better educational management for their ward and with better qualified teachers lookingfor a challenging environment.

Web System

Mountain loads of data generated by the different departments are easily automated, analyzed, processed, accessed and managed.

Our Happy Clients

We work with a number of Education institutions. Our clients are our partners and our priority.